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9 Ways to be a Better Student | Part 1

A photo of a group of nursing students working together, 上面写着“成为一名更好的学生并在护理领域取得领先的9种方法”,字体友好而诱人.

9种方法让你成为一个更好的学生: 第一部分视角 


If you had a ticket to a lifetime of a fulfilling, interesting and challenging career, 你会用它做什么?  

令人惊讶的是,你可以! 不过,你得为之努力. You are the creator of your own ticket! As a matter of fact, you are deciding what to do with it. 无论你是一个热爱学校,在课堂上表现出色的人, 或者更确切地说, you are someone who finds school less than appealing, it is important that you treat your educational “ticket” with care, 尊重, 和勤奋. 如果得到适当的关注,它可能会为你的余生奠定基础.  

Surely, you do not need us to convince you how important school is. You already know it and that is why you are here. 对许多人来说,上学可能是一种令人沮丧和失控的经历. 因此, ladbrokes立博中文版听到学生说, “I’m just not good at school” or “I just don’t get this.“不要落入这样的陷阱,认为你的潜力是有限的. If you are 感觉ing frustrated with school, 这可能是因为你没有学到为成功做好准备的策略和学习技巧.

这些技能非常重要, 不管你是否在学校, 因为他们中的许多人会在你的课外生活中发挥作用. Most importantly, these skills can become generational. 如果你能掌握做学生的技巧, 你也可以教导你的家人和孩子如何成为好学生.  


Reasons to Prioritize 成为一个更好的学生
Reasons to Prioritize 成为一个更好的学生

*无耻插头警报! 从密集的段落中总结信息是一个很好的方法来记住信息,使你更容易回顾笔记! 所以,如果你忘记了这两段描述了什么,不需要重读,读一下摘要就可以了! 


了解如何在课堂环境中破解学习的密码, ladbrokes立博中文版需要培养一些广泛的技能和一些更具体的技能. 首先,ladbrokes立博中文版将从了解广泛的泳姿技巧开始,然后ladbrokes立博中文版将深入潜水. 这些是一些重要的技能,比如观点、时间管理和组织. 然而, it is important that we dive into specific skills, 所以你知道如何彻底改变你的学生体验. 这些都是主动学习的技巧,比如记笔记、课堂习惯和阅读技巧.  


  1. 的角度来看 
    A. 找到目标
    B. 有意识地激发好奇心
    C. 拥有你的教育
  2. 组织 
    A. Get the tools that you need: supplies, books, etc.
    B. 记录你的任务
    C. 管理自我保健
  3. 时间管理 
    A. 分清轻重缓急
    B. 制定时间表
    C. 是自适应

*无耻插头警报! 在阅读材料之前先读一个大纲可以帮助你的大脑为吸收材料做准备. 换句话说, if your brain knows what to expect before digesting content, it’ll understand it sooner and better. If you are not provided with outlines, no worries! 得到同样的效果 略读 a textbook chapter or passage before fully reading it.  





Generally, Attitude is always half the battle.  


Well invisible reader, I have news for you. 是的,你可以. 当然可以!  

从本质上讲,这是一项很可能彻底改变你生活的技能. 选择ladbrokes立博中文版的态度,有目的地生活,会改变一切. 为什么? 做ladbrokes立博中文版不想做的事情是非常困难的,相反,ladbrokes立博中文版可以重新规划. 如果ladbrokes立博中文版能欺骗ladbrokes立博中文版的大脑(教会ladbrokes立博中文版的大脑)想要做这件事,它就会自动变得更容易. 但如何? 让ladbrokes立博中文版来分析一下. 


If you are going to teach your brain to love school, you’re going to have to understand why you are in school. 在文章开头,ladbrokes立博中文版对此做了一些研究(参见“为什么要成为一个更好的学生”)?”). 但ladbrokes立博中文版必须深入研究. Your why is going to be different than mine, 和你朋友的不一样, 和你配偶的不一样. That is why it can be challenging to find. 为了让你的“为什么”真正起作用,它应该超越你自己和你的未来. 真见鬼! 它甚至应该延伸到你的家庭之外(尽管家庭通常至少是等式的一部分)。.  


ladbrokes立博中文版来玩个游戏吧. 听我说. Answer these questions (in writing!),并按照指示操作.  

为什么 am I pursuing a career in [INSERT CAREER]? 





很明显, if your answer involves your family, 你对稳定收入的渴望, 工作环境的好处, 或位置, 那太好了. 这些都是选择职业的很好的理由,但现在,ladbrokes立博中文版需要更深入地了解. 再回答一次问题. This time, you cannot use ANY of the reasons I just mentioned.  


为什么 am I pursuing a career in [INSERT CAREER]? 





Okay, great, you’re getting closer. 你接下来要做什么? What purpose might you find in this career? 你能帮谁?? 你能改变什么? What need in your community will you fill? 那你会怎么样 感觉? 带着这些问题. 再回答一次问题.   

为什么 am I pursuing a career in [INSERT CAREER]? 





在这个练习中挣扎? 通过阅读了解更多关于作为一名学生拥有目标的含义 学生如何找到目标. 

伟大的工作. 保存你写下来的东西. Take a picture of it on your phone. You’re growing your mindset already. You will want to keep this in mind for the next section.  


 你做到了. Previously, you narrowed down your purpose and your “why.“现在ladbrokes立博中文版需要开始使用它. Activating curiosity is an important strategy for the best students. It is all about teaching our brains that we enjoy learning. This involves some mental reframing and a specific skill. 下次你要读一篇文章或学习新东西时,先提一个问题. 让ladbrokes立博中文版看一个例子. 


You are a student in “Beckfield’s College of Being a Better Student.你的老师让你阅读《ladbrokes立博中文版》.” You’re a little annoyed because it looks like a long read, 但你在做更好的学生101课上一直很专心, 所以你知道该怎么做. Here’s your to-do list to tackle this reading. 

  1. 在计划表上写下作业(主题|页码|交稿日期)  
  2. Skim the text and look for an outline or summary 
  3. Activate Curiosity: Ask yourself a question about the text. 例子:
    “ I wonder why it is important to find my purpose in my education.”
    “ 为什么 should I become a better student?” 
  4. Deep read the text with your question in mind. 边读边回答问题.  

Skim before deep reading, to activate your curiosity. After 略读 the text, ask yourself a question about. What is something you might find interesting or curious about? This looks different for everyone.  

Want to read more about the power of activating curiosity? 看看 科学空间:激发好奇心.  

*无耻插头警报! 创造自己的考试问题或想象的练习是巩固新知识的好方法! 


早些时候, ladbrokes立博中文版确定了ladbrokes立博中文版的“为什么”,并利用它来教会ladbrokes立博中文版的大脑在消费之前对材料保持好奇. Lastly, it is time for the specifics! 我答应过你,ladbrokes立博中文版会从更广泛更具体的角度入手,现在ladbrokes立博中文版做到了. 


  1. Form professional relationships with your instructors.
    第一天课后自我介绍,并努力与你的老师见面和交谈. 这可以使将来去办公室或寻求帮助变得更容易管理. Instructors love to see that their students care.  
  1. 问问题
    如果你想拥有你的教育,你必须对它负责! 不要落后. 当你有问题的时候,问出来,或者写下来在下课的时候问. 老师们喜欢看到学生们为自己辩护,并集中注意力. It will show that you are dedicated and attentive.  
  1. Go to Office Hours / Request Appointments
    如果你发现自己在课堂上感到无助或绝望,那么你已经等得太晚了. So, 一旦材料开始让你感到难以承受,或者你的成绩开始下降, reach out to your instructor for an office hour or appointment. Ask questions like, “How do you recommend I prepare for your exams?“这本书读得我喘不过气来,你建议我怎么读??” “Do you recommend any specific study tactics for this class?” Your instructor is your #1 resource. 使用它们. 

Do you want to read about more strategies to own your education? 看看 10种控制自己学习的方法(即使你还在学校).  

At last, this is where we part ways, for now. 毫无疑问,你现在已经拥有了提高你的视角和教会你的大脑热爱学习所需要的一切. 目前,如果你需要一些阅读材料,可以看看相关的博客How to Be 在护理学校取得成功 护理学院院长. Smith-Clay, shared her tips for success as a student. 

然而, this stuff only works if you practice it. Go! Practice for a while and stay tuned for Part 2: 组织. 与此同时,找到你的原因,激发好奇心,拥有你的教育. ladbrokes立博中文版相信你.